Thursday, December 20, 2012

Scripture character, special order

This was a challenging order, and by far my hardest, but a GREAT learning experience and I welcomed the challenge.

here is what the characters are, jacob and the ladder, Noah with a rainbow, joseph and the coat of many colors, Abraham and the star, Ruth with a wheat stalk, Isaiah and a scroll, Mary,Joseph, baby Jesus, John the baptist with water, King David . an LDS sister missionary, moses with the 10 commandments.

a pic of characters in creation...assembly line style.
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Monday, October 22, 2012

shabby rose cottage outside

Tinytina Creations house #1 name: Shabby Rose Cottage
 Just like with a real house, there are so many improvements, repairs you could make, or want to make etc. But this is probably where this house will stay for a while. Having a family of 5 and 2 businesses keeps me pretty busy. Anything I do I will be sure to document for you all to see. {still needs a front porch steps} I learned a lot and I'm sure I will build more houses in the future. I love tiny things and am sure this addiction isn't going away, especially not anytime soon :) Thanks for looking friends!
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Shabby rose cottage dining and living room


I hadn't noticed the photo frame was tipped over and my little statue in this is tipped {oops!}

Decor for fall!
{don't you love my spray cleaner in the cupboard under the sink}
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Shabby rose cottage Kitchen

Here is my little fancy Kitchen. I just love all the storage and nice base cabinets, might need new flooring maybe tile or wood not sure yet. Until then we enjoy it's plainess along with a rug :)

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Shabby rose cottage bedroom

Here is my bedroom, This is my first house I've done and there is always so many little things that you learn in the process, like what to paint {everything} before you put it together, the ceiling texture is something I haven't gotten around too and not sure If I will or not, along with crown molding that I love so much. I am still debating to spend more time on this house, or start another one. This is a little home for one person or maybe a married couple. It's cute but very tiny!

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Shabby rose cottage bathroom

Photo's of the Bathroom
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Friday, July 20, 2012

customer appreciation

 I couldn't remember if I posted thie one or not. A gal bought a bunch of my salads and made little clips with ribbon that look like picnic table cloths. She says she gets a lot of compliments. so fun to see what people are doing with my creations! 
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Customer appreciation photos

I sold a picnic basket to a gal who used it as her wedding topper, then she sent this photo and message after her wedding.

Thank you so much for the lovely picnic basket and for giving use the plates and turtle! I made my wedding cake and decorated it with hydrangeas for our picnic wedding.
The picnic basket was the perfect topper, along with my husband's grandma's hydrangea fabric!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

my projects....

New project let's see how fast I can get it done!

So I scored this table from the neighbor who got a new one. It is in really great condition just needs a little love. I have sanded down the top and primed it, It will be antique white {cream shade} I wish I could keep it but we already have a table we love. I will offer it to friends for sale before I list it. Photo's on the way! I can't wait I know it will be so cute!

I know I'm crazy, but like usual I have finished more projects there are always a few on my plate. The first is a little cabinent. I've wanted something to hold a few things and toilet paper in the bathroom above the toilet but the wall space was so tiny nothing we found would fit. I worried we would have to special make a little cabinent. We don't have the tools for that! I was out and about at an antique shop, saw a really cute old medicine cabinent with a mirror on it, just happened to be the right witdth. the gal wanted 60$ for it. That was sooo not in my price range. I was thinking more along the lines of $20 and or free. Well right after leaving there I had to run to a friends house, her next door neighbor had a whole bunch of random cabinentry sitting on her driveway to go to other people and garbage etc. There just happened to be this little cabinent she gave it to me FREE! I must have summoned it. Tender mercies I'm tellin ya! I repainted it and put the fabric print in the back, and guess what IT FITS PERFECT!!! and the TP fits in it just right.
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Old desk

Corey got me this old desk for christmas, I was so excited I have wanted one for so long and it was a great price.  The wood was a little beat up but nothing I couldn't fix. I sanded it down and just put shellac on it. The desk top wood and the seat are different woods. But it looks better i didn't want it too fancy I like a little of the rustic look.
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