Friday, January 2, 2015

Random stuff


This is my first flower bead it's about the size of a quarter. Tiny flowers it was fun to make but took a good amount of time!
 I made a bunch of eye spy bags these are photo's of some of the items we put in them. It's hard for people to find super tiny objects for their bags. I found all things about the size of a dime and smaller.

 These are fingerprint beads with my kids fingerprints! Such a fun gift to give.

recognize this one?

 This is my little elf charm

More 2014 Ornaments

 Tiny backpacking camp stove ornament

 This last one I forgot to get a pic of before I shipped it off. It had a nurses hat on it. Once in a while I forget to photo my stuff.


I made a LOT of custom ornaments this year. It was fun but really busy. I think over all I made 10 santa's and 12 customs. whew! Look how cute they are though? I will find more of the Santa's