Monday, February 3, 2014

Candy heart conversation heart BEADS!

I made these conversation heart beads, was a first for me but they turned out so cute! we used them to make these earrings
and these charms for a company called Vapelings and Charmies I have my own line with both of these companies.

USU Football and Pkemon Evee

This little baby is in memory of a friends baby that passed away. She loves frogs so I put him holding a frog. I love how this one turned out

 This is a football jersey for a USU Football player, an ornament I sculpted for Christmas

 Evee from pokemon, after doing this there are a few things that I feel needed changed but it was pretty good fr a first try

Head beads and Zombies

Over the years I have sculpted old people heads, and turned them into beads, I am planning on making a necklace of them all, they are so funny and cute. Here is 2 more I will add to the piece

I can't tell if this guy is chinese or french lol

ZOMBIE HEADS! I get the wierdest requests but I love the challenge, I am excited for how these turned out! Crazy Zombies, they are charms and look tons better since I added the grime and blood haha